18.05.2017 - Penpals Romania: the smart guy who dreams about living in Spain

Penpals Romania: the smart guy who dreams about living in Spain


My penpal lives in Zalau. It is a small Romanian city in Transylvania. This region is known for the scenic beauty of its Carpathian landscape and its rich history.

I am sure, most of the people would say the first association they have is mysterious land of bloodthirsty vampires and howling wolves. In my opinion, here is one of Eastern Europe’s most captivating regions.

Of course, I know something about Romanians, their culture, traditions but it is only general information. However the truth is Romanians are just people like people everywhere.

My penpal was born in Romania. He and his older sister had a happy childhood full of family holidays, warmth and care. They often traveled by old father’s car around Romania.  

Hardwood forests, lush pastures and wildflower meadows…

Horse-drawn carts rumble along dirt roads, while shepherds tend their flocks and villagers make hay in the sunshine…

Feels like you’ve gone back 100 years. There are still a lot of beautiful places in Romania which can be described as ‘the last truly medieval landscape in Europe’.
Time passed and children grew up. His sister got married and she lives and works in Switzerland now. My Romanian friend found his own life route. After University he started working for a big company as an usual employee and today, at his thirty six years, he is the head of one of the biggest departments with very attractive salary. He went towards his aim quite quickly because of natural intelligence, great ambitions and ability to think outside the box.

As he explained, while wages for a majority of Romanians are notoriously low, if you work for multinational company or as a successful freelancer, you can live really comfortably there on much less than you need in other European countries.

For basic goods, Romania has the lowest prices in the EU.
So he has enough to feel confident and happy, - good job, many friends, overseas trips, cinema, restaurants and sports on weekends. By the way, sports play a very important role in his life. Recently he sent me several photos of badminton competition he took part. It’s annual event and this year my friend ranked first. In addition, he is interested in dancing. What more needs man to impress a woman?

I am sure the most of females would call him Mr. Right without any doubts. But he is not in a hurry to be bound by obligations. As he wrote, once he tried long-term relationship and found out he is not ready for family life now.

When I communicate with people from different countries, I usually try to discuss not only private life but also some facts about the country.

Historically, Transylvania belonged to Hungary for many years. My friend also has Hungarian roots and is proud of it. Next to one of his photos I noticed the title: "The day when I became Hungarian citizen". Of course, I asked the question: “What was the reason?” It is allowed to have dual citizenship especially for habitants of Transylvania and  it is widespread because it gives some additional advantages.  So among other languages, such as English, Spanish and German, my penpal knows Hungarian and considers it his second native language.  

Romanian and Hungarian are absolutely unlike because they belong to different groups but both of them still peaceful coexist in that territory.

Actually, he is very interesting interlocutor. Upon his advice I have watched several excellent movies and have read some wonderful books. We can chat on the Internet for hours.  Recently we spoke about Spain. For him it is not only beautiful country but also his aim and dream. The point is, he wants to move there in the near future therefore he reviews this country in terms of prospects. Number one in the list of  wishes is purchase of real estate in Spain. I believe, he will find the way how succeed there too. If not, he always can return to his country house in Zalau.

Now I see a lot of reasons to visit Romania as a tourist. But I am not sure that I would like living there. Despite all sights, beautiful nature and rich culture it is not so great for all Romanians especially for those ones who live and work in rural areas. It's not great for anybody relying on a government pension. High education is not always a guarantee of more or less relevant salary. Small-business and medium-sized businesses owners have a lot of problems. Life is not so easy there for people who are not ready to overcome obstacles.

Anyway, I am glad that I met a Romanian penpal. I hope our friendship will go on many years.
I wish him good luck!

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