03.04.2017 - Penpals Australia: stories about penpals from Australia

Penpals Australia: stories about penpals from Australia


Being an avid traveler, I have visited a lot of countries. For me life is colorless and meaningless without dreams about new destinations. Sometimes I spend hours paving the way on a map for the future journeys.

I usually travel alone or with my close friends and we got used to plan our trips thoroughly that avoid uncomfortable situations. One more thing which helps a lot in it is communication with people. Native habitants can give some useful advices about places to visit, hotels, sights, cafes, local habits and traditions.

I usually plan my trips beforehand but last summer I was so inspired  by offer of my new friend from Australia  to spend vacation together that I finished off all my urgent matters as soon as possible, bought plane tickets and hit the road.

But let me start my story from the beginning.

I have friends all over the world. If you travel a lot, in the end of all you recognize that people in any place of globe are much more closer than you can imagine. And if you ask me now what phrase: “She'll be right! “ means , I will answer: “Whatever is wrong will right itself with time “. It is one of frequently used idiom in Australia and New Zealand and probably one of the most favourite expression of my Australian friend.

We got acquainted with him on the Internet.  Since we started talking, I asked a lot of questions because my interest to Australia increased day by day. He often wrote about boating, water skiing, fishing, diving. He shared the stories about climbing and travelling to the ancient rainforest. In the end of all I understood: “I won’t want to miss it! I had to see Australia myself!”

So as I mentioned, I bought the tickets, packed my luggage and flew to Perth. It’s a city of my friend. He picked up me in airport and we went to his home. By the way, it is wrong approval, that the most of Australians live in the outback. Life for the majority of people is quite urban. Most Australians live near the coast in big cities like Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney.

My friend’s  flat was quite spacious and full of light.  As a guest  I was settled in the nice ocean-view room. When I looked out the window first time, my breath was taken away ,- it was stunningly!  Boundless ocean was waiting me.

Naturally, the first place we visited was a nearest beach. Turquoise water was so transparent there I could see my feet, no matter how deep I swam. Then we went to the nearest pub, ordered a beer and chatted about everything.
My friend is an area manager. He looks after the certain area for his company in power generation and transmission. He checks up his crew and flies from one city to another for meetings when it is necessary.

Sometimes he is at home during weeks, sometimes out. He appreciates his free lifestyle. He told me once that serious relationship and responsibility are not for him, at least not earlier than after his forty. Of course, he has a girlfriend, but they both feel happy and independent without any commitments. It is his choice. Why not?!

So my first day in Australia was silent and relaxing but I went there not only for swimming and sunbathing. I had a list of places which I planned to visit. The first point was  sights of Perth. It is really beautiful city.  Nature and urban life exist in harmony here. As far as my friend agreed to be my guide, we woke up early and went to King's Park,-  oasis of peace which is situated in the heart of the city. One more place which surprised me was Perth Mint. First time in my life I watched how pure gold was poured to form a solid bar. This Melting House has the world's largest collection of gold bars and natural nuggets.

Almost each day of my stay in Australia was full of impressions and events. Even living at the same city we needed just several hours to reach hauntingly beautiful deserts, wildlife-rich islands or the agricultural bounty of the Swan Valley. One of Perth's most popular weekend getaways is Rottnest Island. Unbelievable, but we swam with wild dolphins there.

But time flies very quickly. After a couple of nice weeks in Australia I had to return home. It was a pity. We became real friends during that time and  we agreed he will visit  me in the future.

When I was flying home, I was thinking about my vacation, my friend, local people. I was overwhelmed with new emotions and my camera’s memory card was full of bright photos and  incredible videos.

We still keep in touch with my Australian friend. I receive letters with reports about his trips almost every week.

Couple of days ago he sent me a message. Most likely, he will be in USA in a month. Great news! We will meet again. It’s my turn to show him my country.

Life can be so interesting if you have friends all over the world!

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