20.01.2017 - Penpals Canada: stories about penpals from Canada

Penpals Canada: stories about penpals from Canada


For many years, Canada is the most welcoming country in the world to both immigrants and tourists. It has beed named several times as one of the most livable countries, making it an easy choice for many people looking for a place to settle and to start a new life.

My penpals have been living in Canada for many years but they are also immigrants.   

One of them was born in Colombia. He left the country for USA  twenty two years ago. After 6 years of living there he made decision to resettle in Canada with his wife and two daughters because Canada provides better opportunities for immigrants, people are generally friendly and it is a bit calmer than in USA.

Of course, at first their life was not easy but his profession helped him to stay afloat literally and figuratively. As a mechanic of navy he knows a price of life as he faces serious challenges almost every day.

One time we had interesting discussion. He expressed opinion that most of the seamen are considered as womanizer in our society. I also have heard different  stories from friends  and relatives.  It’s mistaken impression. My Canadian friend described how it is difficult to cope up with the feeling of being away from his family. He needs  to overcome loneliness and to be able to concentrate on his duties. He sometimes is pressured because all those people who are far away from him are expecting a lot. He has to work hard because this is the kind of life he chose.

Regardless of all these difficulties he likes his work for possibility to travel all over the world  and he has not thought about changing it, at least for now. 

I asked him whether he had favourite countries. His answer was unpredictable,-  countries in the Persian Gulf.


In his opinion people are so hospitable here therefore he wish they could visit that area again.

His last message was sent  a couple of days ago when his ship was sailing somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea.  It is almost in my area. I  joked about if he can throw the bottle with letter overboard, I am going to catch it here. Of course, it seems unlikely but probability to meet him in person soon is high. I am waiting news from him.

Correspondence with one more Canadian penpal began in 2015 with Christmas congratulations. I received a lot of warm wishes from  another end of the world.

Of course, I couldn't answer him.

He came to Canada when he was 4 years old. He is a son of Portuguese woman and Indian man who emigrated  from Portugal in 1971. My penpal grew up and studied in Vancouver. Then he moved to Toronto because of his work.

It was a surprise how a person can unite two different professions ,-  to be an accountant from Monday to Friday  and to be a pilot on his weekends. One of American  companies offered him a contract so he meets almost each Saturday somewhere far from home in another city. It is his life.

Once he shared his impressions about first flights and feelings he had twenty years ago. It is one of his story.

That time my penpal  just got  married and a senior co-worker told him that he never missed kissing his wife  and saying “I love you” every time they parted.  My friend  asked: “Why?”. He was young and  probably felt immortal.


The answer of co-worker  was : “Because I never know if it is the last time we see each other.”

The years have passed but it is still my friend’s important rule. Whaen he has to fly somewhere, he parts with his wife as if it was the last time.

My penpals love Canada and they are not going to change the place of residence because for those who wish to reach their ambitions and goals in life, Canada offers opportunity for all. When it comes to education, health care, environment, economy, commerce and leisure, Canada offers more than other countries that are popular migration choices. And furthermore, important aspects are healthy surroundings, community parks and majestic attractions, many of which are free.

Canada is a beautiful country for those people who are not afraid to work and  like relaxing properly.ome people live like the aliens on the Earth. They create their own small worlds to feel more or less protected from people around. It is a space of their life, work and creativity.

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