16.01.2017 - Penpals Austria: Slovenian girl dates a German boy in Austria

Penpals Austria: Slovenian girl dates German boy in Austria


I've met another guy on this site. An Austrian one. Well at first I thought he was German, but hey we all represent ourselves as something we're not. Who wrote to whom first is unclear and it's still up for debate. But that doesn't matter.

This time we both had our photos on the site.

Although he showed interest in me his responce time to my messages streched over days. He asked me about alternative social media that is easier to communicate with and gave me his number. Whatsapp was the answer.


But we came to that solution only after a couple of days because we were both busy with other things. But when we finally got on the same page we haven't stopped. We messaged each other every day from morning all to late into the night.


The one thing I found funny about him was that he wanted me to ask him for a date and after two weeks of "talking" I did do it. We had some problems about the date of our date because he needed to travel away for a couple of days and I was working every day all day but after two weeks we managed to agree to meet on the last Saturday in November.

He lived pretty far from me so we agreed to meet half way but that meant I needed to travel three hours by train.

He was waiting for me on the train station. I was a bit nervous but mostly because I wasn't wearing my clothes. Meeting a stranger in a new city, away from the people I know, somehow wasn't scary or weird to me because I felt like I knew him.


He messaged me that he's waiting at the end of the platform. Good. I stepped out of the train at the end of the platform. But on the completly other side.

I saw him as I was walking towards his direction. Even before we came to each other we started laughing and I couldn't help myself not to hug him. The act was unusually for me but it felt very right to me at the time. It was like I was meeting someone I knew all my life but he quickly pulled me down to reality by commenting my appearance.

What he said was true but and normaly the comment would bother me but this time it hasn't.

We left the station and just walked around the town. Well ran, played and joked is better to say. It was like we were children and the whole city is our playground.

The whole day was amazing but the part I found most amazing was when we walked by the river. He said something that made me punch him playfuly on his sholder and he responded by gently hitting me on the had. This made a man that was standing on a bridge near us yell at my guy, who just laughed and said that women need a little force from time to time. Right after that he wanted to trip me so I would fall down but somehow I managed to pull him down with me so we both fell and started laughing. The man started yelling again and it just made us laugh more.

The day turned into the night and we both knew the time to say goodbye is near but we didn't really wanted to part.
Our tempo slowed down as we walked hand in hand throught the old part of the city. Everything was lit up by christmas lights.

We were standing by the crossing path, waiting for the green light, as he leaned towards me. I thought he wanted to kiss me but instead he licked me on the check as he did a couple of hours before. It's self explainable I didn't mind his expression of liking me, othervise I'd be long gone.

The light finally turned green so we crossed the road and continued our way into the narrow badly lit street.


Somewhere in the half way of the street he stopped and turned to me. He pushed me onto the wall and kissed me.

The story ends with me moving in with him three weeks later.


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