15.01.2017 - Penpals Germany: Slovenian girl meets Latvian boy in Germany

Penpals Germany: Slovenian girl meets Latvian boy in Germany


Being away from home, from your home country, can be lonely, so I decided to make some friend with the locals, and on the way maybe learn the language to perfection. So I signed up to an online dating and penpal site.

I had some problems with uploading my photo so at first I only got messages from men who were only looking for sex. But that didn't bother me because they wrote in German and I learned new words all the time.

But there was a guy that wrote to me a very nice message in English. He was also a foreigner that has just moved to Germany a couple of months ago. Between our messaging he asked me for my photo, and I send it to him. He wanted to meet me on the weekend. Of course I said yes, not only because I liked him, but I also had nothing else to do.


We arranged to meet by Rathaus at eleven. I was there almost half an hour before and I walked around, sweating like a pig, although it was quite cold for September.

I was just looking at the shoes when someone behind me said my name. I turned around and I was greeted by a big, nice smile. We shook hands and agreed to go on a walk through the park. He looked totaly different as he represented himself on the photo, but in a good way. The only thing that bothered me was his pink shortsleeved shirt.


I don't like pink, especially not on a man, but it did brought out the blue in his eyes. And the slightly curly black hair were just a cherry on the top. Literally, top.

So we went on the walk and talked about everything. How and why we got here, what we did before, about his family, his work...


The conversation went smoothly but he was the only one talking. I made some jokes between his speech but he just looked at me as to say what's wrong with you.

I was surprised when he suggested that we drive somewhere else. I said I heared about a big lake somewhere around but I don't know exactly where it is. He said we're gonna find it. So we went by the lake, did a circle around it and then sat down on a bench.


He said he has something in the car for me so he left. And I thought to myself how a crappy way this is to leave someone. Stranded in the middle of nowhere, without a car.


That is if he wouldn't return as he did. And he brought lunch with him. Pizza and water. Better than nothing. So we had a little picnic on the bench by the lake. I must say all in all I had a nice time untill my boss called and said I need to come to work.


So we grabbed are things and he drove me back to my appartment. I jumped out as quickly as possible and said goodbye. 


Later that day I sent him a text saying I had a great time and I'm sorry I ran out of his car so quickly. He replied that he understands, that he had fun too and that he wants to met me again next week.

We meet three more times but only as friends because obviously there was no chemistry beetween us.



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