09.01.2017 - Penpals Serbia: an entrepreneur with lots of talents

Penpals Serbia: an entrepreneur with lots of talents


It's useful  to  know at least several words in many languages. Who knows what country you will visit next time and what people you will meet. I like to compare pronunciation the same words in different languages. Some words sound funny or unusual, other ones are almost similar to my language.

My vocabulary was replenished with some new  words because of my Serbian penpal. Our communication started from my apply to write something in his native language. Questions were usual  for unfamiliar people but very suitable for start of communication.

He was born in Serbia, Novi Pazar. It’s  multicultural area of Muslims and Orthodox Christians. The name of Novi Pazar means "new marketplace”.  His parents resettled in  London when he was three years old so all his life he has been travelling between two countries. Now he works for himself as a hotelier in London and in importing wines into the UK among other interests. In Serbia he has a few interests, one of which is trying to get Russians to emigrate to Serbia, hence purchase property in the countryside. This guy  loves both countries, but nevertheless he considers himself Serbian. It is the reason why he likes to come up with business ideas that would be beneficial to Serbia.

Such deep patriotic feelings were cultivated by his parents. He grew up being told who and what their ancestors were. His family members were  known as politicians and one of the main families that helped to oust the Ottoman Empire out of the Balkans and a major contributor to the establishment of the modern Serbian state. They also helped to establish Serbian regions in Ukraine under the names Slaveno-Serbja (Donetsk and Lugansk) and Slavo-Serbja (Novomirgorod). These regions were empty and colonised by Serbs back in the 17th century. In addition I would like to quote his sentence: “ It seems that we all are just great big ocean liners carrying genes from one place to another hoping to find the most fertile island that our children can take over the captaincy.”  Wise words in my opinion.

In my opinion, talented person is talented in many areas and activities. He is a very well-rounded individual so each time we speak I know something new about him. My Serbian penpal is interested in cooking, fishing, writing  poetry, raising plants. He also likes traveling, is  interested in cultures and history of different countries. Moreover, his exploration of each country begins  with a visit to the local market. He likes to study what kind of food is sold and what are the prices. A market can tell a lot about life of  local  people , their habits and preferences. As for the markets in Serbia, he doesn’t use them  because  the most of the vegetables and fruits are imported illegally from Albania and are oversaturated with chemicals in high doses. This is one of the reasons he has his own farm  where  he  grows fruits and vegetables, livestock, cereals. He even  bakes a bread himself.

But he supposes he is not so successful in a private life like in business.

When he was 23, he fell in love with the beautiful Serbian woman. They both  were young and full of enthusiasm. In a year they got married. Soon their first daughter was born and after a while the second one. Young parents were not ready for  responsibility and in addition, they both had a very impulsive nature and as a result their family cracked. His wife wanted to build a career and to live a full life but children needed constant attention and care. Irritation grew up day by day and in the end of all they decided to live separately to keep the last drops of respect to each other.
After divorce he felt lost and frustrated. Work replaced him a family and he was satisfied with the numerous short love affairs. Suddenly, six years ago he met a girl who was 15 years younger. It happened in London. He had a feeling that the youth returned again. Their dates were full of passion and love. He went away to Serbia and returned to London but not only for work, but also to meet with his new love. Two years later his third daughter was born. The couple was happy but nevertheless they were never officially married. Judging by his words, he adores his little girl but now relationship with her mother are more like a close friendship than a relationship between a man and a woman.

My friend likes being on his own therefore at the first opportunity he escapes from  the city hustle to his farm. The country house with a wood burning stove, pots and pans  and is surrounded by beautiful forests is the best place to relax, think and work.

As far as I know now he is attempting to write his  first novel, one of his many life's wishes. I can imagine this tall, dark-haired man sitting in his armchair and writing something on a sheet of paper. Hope, once I will be able to read his novel.


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