02.01.2017 - Penpals India: a widower seeks for happiness

Penpals India: a widower seeks for happiness


So far as I was born in the Soviet Union, my childhood was tightly bound with Indian films. Tickets were cheap and we could go to the cinema almost every weekend to watch the naive and colorful love stories. Perhaps it was my first acquaintance with India and its culture.

As an adult I am still interested in Indian traditions, religions, sights, dances and even once I attended a lecture devoted to Indian astrology.

So it was a nice surprise to find interlocutor from India.


Our penpalling story started in 2015. I received a message  from a 45 year old man from Surat. Surat is one of the biggest Indian cities and a textile and diamond hub.

My Indian penpal was born in  the family of scientists. His father was a chemical engineer and his mother was a microbiologist.


Over time parents left scientific activity and  started their own manufacturing business. As an older son he was involved in the work from his childhood and it is logical that after receiving an appropriate education in India and then MBA in UK he joined his family business.

Following the Indian tradition when he was 25 years old  their parents found him a suitable lady to get married. 


This rule still works  nowadays in some regions. In a year  he shifted to South Africa with his wife to look after marketing of their products.


His daughter also was born there, but in 2011, when she was eleven years old, his wife died in a car accident. That  time his daughter was too young and it was difficult to care about her and to control business simultaneously. 


So there was only one way out for him,-  to return to India.  As his family was there, they helped him to raise the daughter. All these years he have been living and working for her. Now his daughter is 17 years old and she studies computer engineering in Canada. The girl is happy to be in Canada, but since she left India my Indian friend  does not feel much interest in business and it seems senseless. So he decided it is time to suspend the activity and pursue his hobbies which are history, reading and travelling.

He already visited many countries because of business  and also my country, Ukraine, is among them. When he was here last time he had intention to see the whole country by car but was advised against it due to safety reasons.

Russia is one of his favourite country. Being a part of former Soviet Union people, at least older generation, are aware of India and he found them to know a lot about India. One more reason of frequent visits to Russia is because his brother lives in Vladivostok. Love for a woman pushed him to move in that city twelve years ago. Now his brother has a happy family and does not regret about it.

Following the example of his brother he also tried to build a new relationships with Russian woman but it turned out they are too different people to live together. She was a girl who liked noisy night parties and alcohol but this is unacceptable for him. Anyway he does not give up hope to find happiness.

I read many times that in general Indians are very superstitious and I made sure in it speaking with my penpal. Traditional believes sometimes can be a subject of  disagreement between Western and Indian partners.


Imagine that you want to agree about the date of signing the contract with the Indian colleague who insists on the April, 25 without any explanation. The real reason is  he consulted the astrologer, who predicted that on April, 25 is the most favorable day for it. Astrology can determine favorable and unfavorable days for meetings and travels. And my Indian friend usually visits  his astrologer before each important event.

Now he is planning his trip to China. I hope he will share his impressions and new photos with me.

It is wonderful to recognize that distant countries become closer because of penpalling.

But I hope we will meet in real life once, because there is no substitution for live communication.



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