19.12.2016 - A penpal from Istanbul: Arsever the post card collector

A penpal from Istanbul: Arsever the post card collector


I think each of us has certain dreams.  Someone dreams to be a millionaire or to buy a new expensive car. Women often dream about a  new dress or diamond jewelry. Of course, it’s not bad in my opinion. But I never thought that usual postcard can be a real treasure for someone.  

Our penpalling story had very simple  beginning.  Sometimes it’s enough to write: “Hello , my name is … “  But in this case first lines were more interesting, at least for me: “Hello, my name is Arsever. I am a postcard collector. I can’t travel much because of my health problems. I travel in my dreams and with postcards:)…. “

Arsever is a disabled  person from Istanbul. His passion for collecting  started at the age of  ten from ottoman coins which he founded in his mother’s sewing box. As his years increased he replenished his stock with old stamps, sport cards, cigarette boxes and even crown caps. Nevertheless , postcards were something special because they keep  personal information about people who send them. Since  2002 he received over 800 specimens from 172 different countries and each picture or photo has its own story. At the same time it is not only a collection but also a way to meet new people and make  friends  all over the world. Some penpals from Bulgaria, Poland, Ukraine, Germany even visited Arsever. He also met his wife  by this way. Unfortunately their life’s roads parted but you never know where you will find your destiny.

In addition to collecting, Arsver is interested in history, archeology, art. His favourite topic is Silk Road which went though regions of the Asian continent connecting the East and West from China to the Mediterranean Sea. He has been dreaming about travels since his childhood so if he could, he would visit each country of Silk Road with backpack on his shoulders or maybe ride a camel as merchants did many years ago.

Now Arsever lives in Istanbul. He moved there with his parents from Mugla approximately 4-5 years ago. It is a small, touristic city in south-west of Turkey. Undoubtedly , Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Bosphorus, old squares, temples and streets fascinate  with their beauty but at the same time сrazy crowd, dust, endless noise, traffic jams are eternal satellites of modern megalopolis and Istanbul is no exception. It is also a reason why Arsever still misses his hometown where he felt more independent. At least he could go out alone with his wheelchair. Moreover his best friend still lives in Mugla.
What is the most important thing for Arsever, he is surrounded by loving family. His parents and brothers support him. They are very close people.  

In my opinion such people as Arsever are  an example of a rare ability to enjoy life  under any circumstances. Just imagine, he never went to school or any other education establishment , even reading and  writing he studied himself. But chatting  with him I understood  his level of knowledge  exceeds the educational  level  of  many people with degree. He has  never traveled over long distances but he can tell a lot about  history and culture of endmost lands of the earth.

One of his favourite quotes and probably life’s motto is: "Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end".  So next time when you have desire  to put on the moan, remember these words.

Feel free to write Arsever. His address is

Arsever Aykaç
Güvercintepe Mah. İstiklal Cad.
Kiptaş Kayabaşı, A/9 Blok, No:11.
Başakşehir, 34494 İstanbul



I think, he will be glad to chat or receive a postcard  which  becomes a part of his unique collection.

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