13.12.2016 - A penpal from Argentina: 34 year old female

A penpal from Argentina: 34 year old female


Communication with people from different countries is my hobby. You can reach any part of the world for only a few seconds. The main thing is to find a good interlocutor who is able to become your virtual guide in the unfamiliar country.

Well.. This time, my destination is Argentina. What do you know about this country? Not much?  What else can you say apart from the facts , that it is the homeland of tango and Diego Maradona? Actually, the list of questions is infinite and I am assured, the more you learn about Argentina, the more you want to visit this place to feel unique color and identity of its culture and traditions.  

Unfortunately, our busy life not always allows us to travel over long distances, but if Argentina is your dream, I will  open up a mysterious veil at least for several centimeters and share everything that I  knew from the charming female habitant of Buenos Aires, thirty-four-year-old Danielle.  

I was pleasantly surprised when she answered my message quite quickly. As it turned out, she is a multiple personality who is also interested in foreign languages.

Argentina is a Spanish-speaking country so therefore it’s logical Daniela knows it very well. Two other languages are English and German. Since she works as a translator in a trade department  at the airport, she needs to use both of them.

Education level in Argentina is rather high that’s why knowledge of several foreign languages is not a rarity. A huge benefit is also that is in the most cases education at universities of Argentina is free even for foreign students. Following statistics annually about 90 000 young people come to Argentina to enter local universities. At the same time they improve Spanish and submerge into rich local culture.

The population were formed in the process of migration of Europeans in the 19th century. The indigenous Indians were almost completely exterminated in times of the Spanish colonization in 16th century. Speaking of Danielle, her roots lead to Austria, Spain and Switzerland. She is third-generation representative who was born in Argentina. And it is through a large number of nationalities Argentineans are very friendly to each other and to foreigners.

As for Buenos Aires and its unique sights … there are a lot of them there. I would say a huge amount of worthwhile places. If you are interested in, just open a guidebook. I promise, you will be surprised. What would I add is that locals and city guests visit theaters, museums, temples with great pleasure. Family hiking is also very popular and if familiar people meet each other strolling through the streets , they undoubtedly exchange sincere smiles and numerous compliments. Politeness is a good  local tradition.

My following questions were devoted to the Argentina women and men. Who are they? What do they love? What clothes do they prefer to wear? As you can get, the last question is very typical and important for us women regardless of our place to live.

First of all it has to be noted that the women and men  residing in this Latin American country are great patriots of Argentina. Of course, they are respectful to a culture and traditions of the ancestors but irrespective of the origin they consider themselves Argentineans therefore know history of the country and furiously support the local football clubs all together with their families and friends.

Women look very attractively, but without unnecessary frills. They prefer casual style. Their main highlight is a naturalness. Probably that's why the most of foreigners believe  Argentina women are beautiful and sexual.

Argentina men are very temperamental and emotional. They like to do compliments and take care of women. There is an opinion that Argentineans are irresponsible so they can promise something with ease and then forget about it. Many consider is their national line. But at the same time, there are a lot of honorable men who are an example of the opposite behaviour. One trait undoubtedly unites all local men. It is sincerity of feelings. Even the tears aren't perceived as a weakness. The men are able to cry and rejoice from the heart. It is wonderful!

I am a woman so it would be strange if I didn't ask about national cuisine. Names of dishes sound unusual, but recipes are rather simple. The most popular Argentina food is pizza, empanadas (pies, but with different stuffings), milanesa (very thin chop in crackers), mashed potatoes, fried potatoes, salads, paste, fried meat (parilla). The most popular drink is a mate (it is a certain grass which is prepared like tea), with or without sugar. The main national course is asado. It is a grilled meat.

Parrillas (steak restaurants) are everywhere. They offer you any piece of meat  you can imagine. It is extraordinary tasty! And if you didn't know, Argentina leads the world in the meat consumption so who if not Argentineans are the best at its preparation.

Christmas and New Year are approaching with each passing day. Therefore questions about holidays arise themselves. Well… What did I know about it ?

Residents of Argentina love and respect holidays and all traditions connected with them. While New year and Christmas are usually celebrated at home, but  then a little while later Argentine carnival begins. It calls Carnival of the Country. It is the longest carnival in the world which lasts within two months. Moreover Argentine Carnival can compete in beauty and scope with the well-known Brazilian dancing festival in Rio de Janeiro. And if you want to see this show with your own eyes, hurry up with buying plane tickets.

One more grandiose event is an annual festival of a tango in Buenos Aires. The holiday begins at the end of February and ends in early Murch. During this period  Buenos Aires turns into the city of tango fans who arrived from around the world to participate and demonstrate their dancing skills. By the way, have you ever heard this steamy dance has been called as 'making love in the vertical position"? I think there is no more exact name which would describe all passion and energy of tango. Just pay attention to dancers’  movements and graceful plasticity. This is a fascinating show!

In conclusion, I would like to say Argentina is amazing country. It went through good and very hard times and has changed drastically. But the biggest heritage of Argentina is people. They kept their creativity, adaptability , perseverance  and the most important thing is the ability to enjoy life.

I am grateful to Danielle for her story. I hope it will be interesting for people who probably will read it.


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