12.12.2016 - The fake American penpal who works in Syria

The fake American penpal who works in Syria


I received a message from an American guy.


He looked quite attractive and I decided why not to chat with him.


He wrote about his life, his son and so on. A lot of different questions were discussed over the week. He even asked how would my family react if I get married with an American.


I replied to him: "If you want to check, you can fly to Ukraine. Then everything will be clear."

I communicate enough with different people, therefore I usually feel if something goes wrong. His words looked suspiciously perfect and sugary-sweet. I was not surprised when my suspicions were confirmed.


He asked about urgent help. Could you guess what he asked for?




Only 400 pounds for his son who stucked at London airport and he couldn't help him because he is working in Syria now.

I answered him that I adore theatre, but he is a bad actor. Even after that he continued to lie until I blocked him.  

Such stories are widespread, but it was the first time when I faced it personally. I understand this kind of rogues know weak spots of people very well. Probably their life's mission is to be psychologist, but they misuse their talent.



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